Consist of a top-down approach to wash and remove dust and debris from ceilings, light fixtures, walls, windows, and blinds. Cleaning of all horizontal and vertical surfaces, deep clean of the bathrooms and kitchen, hand wiping of baseboards, remove stickers from windows and equipment, and vacuum, sweep and mop floors.

How does our process work?

After a new construction job is completed, there is dust and debris left behind in the location and our staff will tackle it all to make the building or home move in ready for the new tenants, leaving no dust left behind. Dust can settle on every surface in a home or building and our job is to find and remove it all

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    We start from the top since all dust and dirt fall, cleaning ceilings, ceiling beams, ceiling fans and light

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    Walls & Doors

    Continuing our top down approach, we will and clean wipe down all walls, light fixtures, light switches,
    doors, and door frames where dust has settled.

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    We will clean inside all cabinets and drawers, getting corners and edges and wiping down inside and
    outside of cabinet doors and handles.

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    We comprehensively wipe down all free-standing equipment to remove dust and for any new equipment
    we will remove stickers and wrapping.

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    All windows, window frames and blinds will be thoroughly wiped down and cleaned to include removing
    any window stickers on the inside or outside of the building.

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    Floors & Baseboards

    Where the dust has settled last are floors and baseboards and we will hand wash all baseboards to collect
    and remove all dust and vacuum, sweep and mop the floors to ensure we clean all edges, corners and behind equipment and furnishings.

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