How a clean office reduces staff and management stress?

How a clean office reduces staff and management stress?

Work stress is understood as a set of physical and emotional reactions that happen when work demands exceed the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker and it can cause physical and/or mental illness, which affects not only job performance, but also personal relationships.

A reflection of work stress can have symptoms such as: mood and sleep disturbances, stomachache, headache and altered relationships with family and friends and although these signs can be easily recognized, if we do not pay attention to them can cause chronic diseases that are more difficult to diagnose.

That´s why the organizational climate, economic growth, increased productivity, and the stability of an enterprise´s organization are linked not only to its structure but also to working conditions, lifestyles, as well as the level of health and well-being of their workers.

A clean working environment is an important part of reducing work stress, both for staff and management, and isn´t only related to the current trend of keeping spaces clean to prevent diseases such as SARS-COV19, also because having a clean workplace helps to create a peaceful environment and, in that way, make people feel more at ease.

There are several psychological investigations that link stress and anxiety with a messy and dirty environment, releasing more cortisol, hormone that is generated because of stress. Therefore, Maintenance Warriors Works for you, to offer you the best cleaning solutions in your company, to improve the work environment of the staff.

At Maintenance Warriors we take care to provide an efficient, honest, and professional service to deliver a clean location for employees of your company. Offering pleasant working spaces, that not only promote efficiency in the result of those who work, but also to have a better mental health, and motivate workers to do their best.

It´s a fact that cleanliness generates pleasant odors in the environment, which are also associated with good mental health.  Various studies have shown that pleasant scents can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, since the sense of smell is related to the limbic system (where it is the emotional center of the brain), which associates aromas with past experiences.  That is why a dirty workplace, in no way can offer a good or comforting experience.

Cleaning tasks cannot be left to people who do not have the knowledge or experience needed to do them properly. It is better to opt for professional cleaning as we offer at Maintenance Warriors, striving to create healthy working environments, with deep cleaning that helps to eliminate all traces of dust and moisture. Thus generating pleasant working spaces that create motivation and energy so that employees have a better performance and of course, better results both in in the company and in their personal relationships. A clean work environment creates an atmosphere of friendliness and less stress, achieving better results in your company.