Office Building Cleaning

A clean work environment is crucial for the portrayal of a professional image, both with clients and employees. In fact, this is one of the cornerstones of running a successful business. Ensure that your employees are happy, healthy, and productive while also leaving a great first impression.


How does our process work?


When we start, we take a comprehensive assessment of the building, making notes and deciphering what the areas of focus should be, if any deep cleaning is required, and if anything is distinct as need specialized attention. 


When our walkthrough is complete, we progress to our specialized checklist we’ve developed to tackle any size office building, big or small. 

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    Lobbys are the first area a prospective client, employee, or salesperson sees. As such, the attention to detail is a must! We take careful attentiveness to dust, streaks, scuffs, and more!  

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    Working Areas

    This is the lifeblood of where your business takes place. A clean workplace portrays professionalism to the workforce and promotes a healthy and happy environment. A happy employee also accounts for greater production and are a direct representation of your brand.

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    Floors are an important part of any office. Stains on the carpet and scuffs on the floors are not only noticeable, but are unsightly blemishes that stick out like a sore thumb. We pay special attention to these aspects of the floor to make sure the office reflects a highly clean standard.

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    Bathrooms can be a petri dish for germs, therefore washroom hygiene is a must! We perform urinal and water closet deep cleaning for not only a great looking washroom, but a much more sanitary environment.

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    Common kitchen areas can house tucked away food, massive amounts of crumbs, general bacteria based germs. We leave no corner uncleaned, no table unwiped, and no appliance unsanitized. 

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