Are concierge services and commercial cleaning services the same?

Are concierge services and commercial cleaning services the same?

Concierge services consist of maintaining the condition of a building, whether of a residential or office type, in which a person or company is in charge of carrying out access control tasks to the building, general cleaning, building maintenance and guest services.

As we have just mentioned, the concierge is in charge of managing the general cleaning but may or may not be doing it their self, since they have multiple responsibilities and outsource as needed.   Such as the daily cleaning needs or of more deep or detailed cleaning, completed by professional services such as the one we offer at Maintenance Warriors.

The commercial cleaning service generally compliments what the concierge offers in their daily tasks by being available to handle the cleaning and maintenance needs of the building.  It is precisely the concierge who is in charge of contacting us to meet those needs and offer the tenants and users of the offices clean, disinfected, and functional spaces.

It is a fact that professional cleaning and maintenance services are an important tool that your building must have. Although a concierge can take care of some daily cleaning tasks, they generally do not provide the in-depth service and expertise a company dedicated to the field of cleaning. A clean space is safe, harmonious space, that invites you to live in a relaxed and calm way, being an important letter of introduction foe our clints and tenants. Let us leave the cleaning and maintenance of your buildings in hands of experts, because a clean space is a safe space.