Why you need a more thorough cleaning at once!

Why you need a more thorough cleaning at once!

Cleaning is especially important for any type of company or place that is inhabited, no matter its size, space, or location.  Various studies have shown that the cleanliness of the working environment is related to better employee performance, having not only a harmonious, hygienic, and disinfected environment, but also greater production and better results. 

The workplace for many is a second home, being the place where we spend most time after our home.  In both spaces we seek a constant cleanliness and periodically make a deep one, reaching all those spaces where we do not have easy access, but that is where garbage and dust accumulate, sometimes imperceptible to people.

The physical and mental health of your employees in the office and the tenants you have in the property that you manage is vital for optimal work performance and social coexistence; hence the relevance of keeping the spaces clean by specialized personnel for this purpose as we do at Maintenance Warriors.

We do not only provide the general cleaning, which is caused by the use of spaces for the performance of the work and the constant use of part of all those who live together in the place; but we also seek to go thoroughly, accessing every corner, with the aim that there is no uncleaned space left, whether visible or not.

Thorough cleaning takes more time, because it is necessary to clean all spaces, even if they are not as accessible daily.  It involves moving furniture to clean those places where there is accumulated dirt, washing glass, blinds, windows, lamps and all those places where dust is stored and that are difficult to access.

And whether it is a hotel, office, or a restaurant, we have the right solutions for you. At Maintenance Warriors our staff are trained to take care of providing a thorough cleaning of floors, bathrooms, furniture, equipment, and so forth, so that your business meets all the health standards required to approve the certification processes that guarantees the quality of the facilities and the service offered.  This represents not only a better image, but greater economic benefits as well.

Thorough cleaning includes electronic devices used in the office that, without noticing, accumulate dirt that can put the health of your employees at risk; such is the case for phones, computers, keyboards, printers, etc. in which special attention and care must be taken to clean them without damaging them.

Likewise, we go deep into residential properties, restaurants and hotels that request our services, cleaning the spaces of greatest contact by various people; ensuring at all times that the common areas and newly vacated apartments will have an impeccable image for new residents.

A thorough cleaning is recommended every 15 days or once a month and this task should be left to experts like Maintenance Warriors, who are looking to offer you the best solutions to clean your workspace. Our qualified staff will choose the best options to leave the offices in good condition, using the right products according to the material of the spaces, always leaving the feeling of health, security, a harmonious and organized environment, that allows your tenants and employees to feel at ease and calm.