Maintenance of floors for your company

Maintenance of floors for your company

The maintenance and cleaning of floors are important for the safety and hygiene of your company, in addition to being key to maintain the same prime appearance as the first day they were installed for as long as possible. That´s why it´s a task best left by professionals who specialize in floorcare.  

Although the wear of the floor is common due to the daily use received, it is also true that providing regular proper maintenance will considerably decrease the wear and tear and will extend its useful life. Soil, sand, and dust are the main culprits in the deterioration of the floors along with the constant transit of people in high traffic areas, as well as the improper use of cleaning chemicals or the spilling of a corrosive substances can cause damage to the floor.

Preventive maintenance on the floors of your company will avoid their deterioration presented by scratches, cracks, marks, and loss of brightness on hard surface floors and fraying, fading, stains and orders on carpeted floors. In addition, accidents can occur from deteriorated flooring and keeping up with the proper preventative maintenance will help to reduce the risks of occupational accidents while maintaining a clean and pleasant space will promote a better working environment and productivity in your employees.

We provide expertise in the following flooring types:

  1. Marble Floors – Cleaning, buff, polish, and seal to remove scratches, marks and provide shine.
  2. Vinyl Tile Floors – Strip and waxing to provide a protective cover and provide shine.
  3. Carpeted Floor – Carpet extraction and bonnet cleaning to remove odors, stains, dirt, and allergens.
  4. Grout – Remove dirt and liquids to bring back to original color.

To meet your cleaning and maintenance needs, we have specialized staff and equipment to help in the battle of maintain the floors for each business, guaranteeing our customers the care of their facilities with a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance plan.  Preventative floor care maintenance plans can be built for the needs of each building, from monthly, to quarterly, bi-annual, or as needed to prepare for a special event.  It is a fact that corrective maintenance will always be more expensive than preventative maintenance and will save businesses money in the long term.  Don’t wait, contact us today!