How to combat the spread of germs in the office

How to combat the spread of germs in the office

Offices can be one of the principal respiratory disease transmission centers, such as COVID-19, that´s why the importance of taking measures to keep good ventilation and hygiene in these spaces is important.

It´s precisely at the office, being a shared closed environment for multiple people where they spend several hours in the same place and use objects as the door, telephone, printers, or the bathroom, can generate a huge accumulation of virus and bacterium over various touch points. 

At Maintenance Warriors, we are dedicated to providing you with a clean and safe working environment, by disinfecting the spaces and objects of common use, to guarantee your company and your employees a healthy and safe environment to carry out their work. We count on the daily sanitization of the workspaces, as well as recommending the following protocols to avoid spreading germs and viruses throughout the workplace until we are able to sanitize the space again: 

  1. When possible ventilate the office with fresh air with open doors or windows.
  2. Ensure when coughing and/or sneezing, to cover your mouth and nose with the forearm and not your hand.
  3. Daily disinfect your desk, computer, phone and what you use in your everyday life.
  4. Wash your hands constantly throughout the day, especially when touching shared touch points in the building.
  5. Use your own kitchen supplies, avoid sharing utensils from colleagues unless thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Being vaccinated will help prevent infection.
  7. Avoid setting your bags or backpacks on the floor where they can collect germs on the ground.
  8. If you get sick, do not go into the office. This is how the infection line will be cut and will put your coworkers at less risk of getting sick too.

The most important part of a company are its staff, so as a company you must guarantee a safe and germ-free space such as COVID-19, by following the CDC recommendations:

  1. Before resuming operations in your company, make sure to do a deep cleaning of common areas, objects, ventilation, among others, to offer a safe and healthy space to your employees.
  2. Identify the spaces at the office that could be most exposed to COVID-19.
  3. Modify the areas that are necessary to prevent contagions, such as moving the furniture to have a healthy distance between the employees, privilege natural ventilation, the use of ultraviolet irradiation of germicides, among other. 
  4. You will need to change the working dynamic with your employees, allowing the positive cases of COVID-19 or those who had contact with a positive person, to stay at home; also do a temperature check before entering the office; reduce the number of employees simultaneous in the workplace, carry out hand washing as often as possible, to have a constant disinfection of the spaces of greater contact, as well as to encourage and promote among your employees the use of transports that reduce the contact with other people to minimize the risk of contagion, for example. 

Following these recommendations and the use of Maintenance Warriors professionals to provide and maintain a clean, sanitized, and safe office space for you and your staff!