Customer service refers to the service or attention that a company or business provides to their clients with the right products and services, also answering questions, providing solutions to problems at the precise moment and continuous monitoring to create greater customer loyalty to the company.

Although it seems obvious, customer service is of vital importance for a company or business, because its success depends on it.  Various studies have revealed over the years that more than half of customers change to the competition due to poor customer service. Customers claim that companies could have done more to prevent this change due to negative feelings generated towards said company; therefore, when establishing a customer service strategy, it is necessary to think twice to avoid uncomfortable situations between the consumer and the staff representing the company.

At Maintenance Warriors our customers are our center of attention, on whom we focus to provide personalized, quality and with extensive experience in the cleaning and maintenance service that we offer, which makes our consumers build a long-term relationship of trust with us.

For our staff customer service is one of our priorities, so we are in constant training because we know that a customer satisfied with the service and care we provide, represents the opportunity of a loyal customer who will recommend our work.

For Maintenance Warriors to listen to our customers is our commitment because direct communication that we establish allows us to attend queries, particular requirements of the service, request an order, make some suggestion about the service we offer, and all with the firm objective of improving the quality of the experience they have with us.

We distinguish ourselves by offering a service according to the needs of our clients, attending their requirements, setting in motion our experience to provide a service of excellence and quality, with a cordial, kind, efficient, fast, and personalized treatment that keeps us in the preference of our consumers, since we are interested in improving day by day to make a difference as a cleaning and maintenance company.

Our culture of customer service: 

  1. Kindness: we are cordial in the treatment of our clients, to whom we pay attention to their needs and help them to solve their doubts.
  2. Personalized attention: we offer a flexible service and according to our costumer necessities, listening to their requests, needs and preferences, to whom we respond in a timely manner to what they request, even when it is online.
  3. Convenience: for us it is important to give to our clients several communication channels which facilitate the attention of their needs.
  4. Knowledge: the domain that our staff has over the service we offer, allows us to guarantee our customers the security in the expected results; therefore, we are constantly trained to help provide clear and concrete answers to the doubts and problems that our clients have.
  5. Speed of attention: we are known for responding promptly to our clients’ requests, because we are a responsible company and committed to the service we offer.