Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust hoods are a very important part of the kitchen. A properly functioning exhaust hood removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, and steam from the air by evacuation of the air and filtration. With the equipment playing such a vital role in safety and sanitation, it’s imperative that you keep it clean to have it functioning at top capacity. An unclean exhaust hood is also a leading cause of commercial fires in the United States. 


How does our process work?

Our cleaning technicians go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that your exhaust hoods are cleaned in the most effective way possible. We tactically tackle several components to ensure you can meet safety codes. We even provide before/after photos so you know that the job was done right! We always leave the kitchen cleaner than we found it and you’ll be impressed!

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    Hood, Vent, and Duct Degreasing

    Our technicians start by spraying the components of the exhaust fan and the ducts with a degreaser and then rinse with hot water. We also clean the baffle filters with a degreaser and hot water.

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    Restore Exhaust Hoods and Ductwork to Bare Metal

    Not only do we stop at cleaning, we polish the hood when we complete the work, clean up the kitchen, take pictures and send them to you. 

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    Install Access Panels

    Sometimes new access points are needed in order to efficiently clean the system. Our trained technicians approach this with military-like precision to enable future ease of access and cleaning.

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    Install Exhaust Hood Hitches

    If you’re just looking to install an exhaust hood, we also install hitches to get the entire system started. Ask about more information on this today if you’re interested!

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