Refrigerator Cleaning

Everyone knows that your fridge holds some of your most precious food items, but how often are we in and out of our refrigerator on a daily basis? It’s more often than you think. If it looks ok to you, then why do you need to have your fridge cleaned? The answer is simple. It may not be as clean as you think.

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    Your refrigerator can get real dirty, real fast as we reach for those messy condiments. Things can spill and try as we might to get all of the mess up as quickly as we can, those spills can get behind fridge doors and into those tiny spaces we tend to miss. As it begins to dry in those unseen spaces, stains can soon form along with germs beginning to spring to life.

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    Along with the normal wear, tear, and spills, fridges can also tend to hold on to odors from our perishables. Vegetables and food items can begin to leave a smell in as little as 24 hours if not taken out and used in a timely manner. Takeout food if not properly stored can especially begin to linger and even permeate into any other foods not properly stored as well. For regular maintenance, most people try to use items such as baking soda to help but a faint odor tends to remain or linger.

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    We can’t always see it but after a while, it begins to form in those spaces left unattended. Some of our food items may remain in the fridge for quite some time. If it’s out of site, it’s usually out of mind. When we don’t clean behind them, that’s when our nemesis, mold, begins to make his home where you keep those wonderful items you love to eat. Without a regular cleaning of your fridge, you risk contamination of your food by allowing bacteria to grow without you even becoming aware of it.

Now that you know how important this cleaning adventure is, don’t let this time consuming task go without attention! The food you put into your body is just as important as the place that stores it. Don’t risk contamination, foodborne illnesses, or permeating odors to ruin your next meal. Let Maintenance Warriors attack those germ filled spaces with our immaculate refrigerator cleaning service! We are here to make your fridge smell better, look better, and provide a sanitized space for all of your ingredients for the next meals to come.

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