Oven Cleaning

When we think of cleaning our oven, we generally think of a quick wipedown so we can get ready to cook our next meal. However, little do we realize that our oven needs more than just a thorough wipedown to keep this appliance in tip top shape. In fact the only time we generally think of getting down to the dirty details of cleaning inside it, we are already putting in the turkey, baking cookies, or taking out that casserole to be served. Oven cleaning is heavily time consuming and if not done properly, can do more harm than good in some instances.


Put us at Maintenance Warriors to the task and let us prolong the life of your costly appliance. Oven buildup can begin to show first in the window with signs such as discoloration or cloudy appearance that remains even when the stove is off. Another sign that it’s time for a much needed cleaning, is the presence of smoke beginning to seep out. This not only can cause trouble for those breathing it in, but imagine what it does to your food being cooked inside it.


We tend to forget that our oven is a mechanical machine and without regular maintenance or unnecessary grime build up, your machine will not last as long or function at its maximum capacity. Depending on what you cook and how often you use it, it doesn’t take long for residue to begin to build up and clogs beginning to form in various places. Maintenance Warriors won’t let your oven fall into disarray. Schedule an appointment with us today to keep your stove in the best shape possible for a future filled with many sanitary and flavor filled dishes to come.

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